Featuring over 20 different types of self priming pumps, MP has the right product for your agricultural, commercial, industrial, marine, OEM, and transportation needs. These self priming pumps can reach flowrates as high as 750 GPM.

MP Self Priming Centrifugal Pumps

Self priming pumps need to evacuate air out of the system in order to stay primed, and ready to run. The centrifugal force of the impeller’s rotational energy creates an airtight seal that continuously draws the air toward the discharge port, resulting in the pump’s suction.This combination of high velocity and pressure starts the pumping process. Once all the air is expelled from the system, your liquid will start to flow from the discharge port. 

At MP pumps, we offer top of the line self priming centrifugal pumps for various applications. We offer over 20 different types of these self priming pumps to ensure we are providing you with the absolute best product for your industry. Each model is sold as a PumpPak, with the option to add on your choice of motor. These units are also available with hydraulic, and pedestal mounted drives. 

Our implementation of highly engineered seals in these types of pumps guarantees you will be pumping efficiently for years to come. These centrifugal pumps can reach high flow rates up to 750 GPM, and are equipped with a high grade pump casing configuration. Despite the varying atmospheric pressures and liquid densities, our pumps require less power required to operate compared to the competition, while achieving high pressures, and feet of head. No matter what application you play in, MP pumps is your industry leader for highly efficient self priming centrifugal pumps. Our pumps work hard to maximize your efficiency levels in your pumping operation